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In Plants Vs Zombies you try to protect your house from a scary zombie attack! All that separates between your home and the blood seeking zombies is your garden, that has a very special plants.

In the start of each round, you have to build plants and flowers to defend against the incoming zombie attack. You build plants with the resources you get by completing rounds and killing zombies!

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The Goal is simple, defend your beloved home! Each plant has it’s own unique purposes and properties and every zombie has a different kind of attack and health stats. So.. Are you ready to take on the blood hungry zombies? We shall see!

Plants Vs Zombies is fun & addictive! Please Join our site and be a part of our community!!!

Plants Vs Zombies features:

  • Use Plants To Stop The Zombie Attack!            Defeat The infamous Dr.Zomboss!
  • More than 10 Different Plants Types                 Face dozens of zombie bosses & enemies!
  • More than 20 kinds of zombies!!                         Stop Evil and Save Your Home & Planet!

  • Use different tactics every round!                        #1 Rated iPhone game for 2010-2011!
  • Over 100 different maps & settings!                    Join Millions of fans around the world!
  • Unique game experience every level!                  Addictive & Fun! Play PvZ Now!

Plants Vs Zombies Free On iPhone & iPad!

 Compatible With iPhone, iPad, Android, xbox, playstation & PC!