Survival Endless Mode

Survival Endless Mode is the most exciting game mode in Plants Vs Zombies. In Survival Endless, you have to setup your plants line of defense like you usually do, only this time the zombies will never stop attacking! This mode is the true test to see just how good you really are in plants vs zombies. Survival Endless is all about setting up the best defense like you possible can, against massive non-ending hordes of zombies. The twist here, is that all kinds of zombies will attack you, most of them are exceptionally strong, which means you will have to use every single wit you have to survive for as long as you can!

The waves will become increasingly harder, and will require you to act first, making split second decision and change your strategy in accordance with the zombie types that will attack you relentlessly! This is what i call a true tower defense game – survive as long as you can, against the toughest enemies out there!

Because Survival Endless mode is impossible to beat, it’s really all about how long you can survive, or how many flags you can complete. Unfortunately, survival mode is only available with iPad, PC or Mac. The Normal survival modes are 5 flags (Easy), the Hard modes are 10, and the Survival: Endless is as many flags as you can survive!. You get to choose new packets of defenses for either 1 or 2 flags, depends on the mode you choose (2 for hard). In survival Endless, you can choose new seeds for every 2 flags you gain. The zombies density is huge, just like in the hard survival mode, but in addition they never stop approaching, and the upgrades are extremely expensive.

Here are some cool strategies we saw, about how to survive Survival Endless Mode in Plants Vs Zombies:

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